Winter Haven Assisted Living LLC

Winter Haven Assisted Living, LLC is located in Marshfield’s West side, in a mature neighborhood, with a spacious yard with beautiful flower gardens, bird watching area, and mature trees. Winter Haven is located at 718 S. Drake Avenue and is classified and licensed as a 3 - 4 bedroom Adult Family Home.

Winter Haven Assisted Living, LLC. aims to provide a safe, nurturing and caring environment to its residents in a setting that feels as close to being in the comfort of their own home as possible. Winter Haven Assisted Living is a spacious 2,500 square foot home with a lot of natural lighting, includes 4 large bedrooms, 3 full baths, a large living room with natural gas fireplace, additional sitting area, a sunny four season room, kitchen eating area and formal Dining area that is inviting and spacious enough to accommodate 12 or more adults easily and we encourage family members to join us for dinner on occasion at no additional cost.

Winter Haven provides home care the way it was meant to be.




Pam Johns RN         

Pamela Johns RN     Catherine and Arlene

My Inspiration for starting Winter Haven Assisted Living began with my own family. The photo above (left) is a picture of myself, Pamela Johns RN. The photo on the right is of my Mother, Arlene and my Grandmother, Catherine, both who mean everything to me.

Grandma was very independent and strong willed. She enjoyed spending time with family and being outdoors. After a minor surgery, she began having spells of brief weakness and occasional falls. Initially the weakness was more of an annoyance. Grandma had sold her home and moved into an elderly apartment complex to make everyday life less complex and easier for her to manage. One evening she fell in the hallway on her way to the restroom. Being too weak to get up by herself, she laid there all night cold and scared. After that situation occurred, we (her family) were very worried this would happen again and likely she would not be as lucky next time and would be injured. As I said, my Grandma was very independent and although reluctant, the fear of a similar situation occurring with nobody present to help her she agreed to move into an elderly care facility. My mother and I visited her very often and took her out for holidays and outings whenever she was feeling strong enough. But this new situation only made her feel as though she was a burden for us.

It broke my heart not to be able to take her into my home but I was working full time as an RN and Grandma needed somebody around to assist and keep a watchful eye on her. That is where my desire to open a small assisted living began. Grandma lived in a larger facility and she felt like a number, a person that filled a space, rather than an individual of importance. The staff had many people to assist and if Grandma had to wait very long after calling for assistance, she felt guilty because she knew the staff were very busy with many people to care for. So, often she would resort to doing things on her own when she should have had assistance for her safety. Grandma had a stroke, which thankfully symptoms were noticed by staff and she quickly was rushed to the hospital. She was okay because she got medical attention soon after the symptoms started. Although after this she needed additional assistance and waiting for help was difficult for her. Shortly after that, Grandma had a heart attack and again was rushed to the hospital. She survived the initial heart attack and within a few days was transferred out of critical care to a regular floor.

My husband and I visited Grandma after work that evening and we stayed with her until after midnight. My Grandma’s last words were for me to “please go home and get some rest, you have to work in the morning.” She said that she wanted to “go home” because she was just a burden to me and my mom and she wished that she could do half of the things for us that we did for her. My last words to her were, “Grandma, did you ever think how much mom and I would miss you if you were not here. The things we do for you are because we love you and want to spend time with you, not because we feel obligated.” My Grandma “went home” during that night. It broke my heart that she “went home” alone and that she spent her last years in a facility where she felt like a number and a burden to staff and family.

My initial desire to open a small assisted living facility where every person living there would feel cherished and loved until the day that they go home, now became more than a wish, but rather a desire that I needed to fulfill. That is still my desire - to make a difference in others’ lives. Everybody deserves to feel cherished and loved and never, ever feel like a burden.

Pamela Johns RN